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Anne of Green Gables – Lucy M. Montgomery (first few books in the series)
When Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, send for a boy orphan to help them out at the farm, they are in no way prepared for the error that will change their lives. The mistake takes the shape of Anne Shirley, a redheaded 11-year-old girl who can talk anyone under the table. Fortunately, her sunny nature and quirky imagination quickly win over her reluctant foster parents. Anne’s feisty spirit soon draws many friends–and much trouble–her way. Not a day goes by without some melodramatic new episode in the tragicomedy of her life. Early on, Anne declares her eternal antipathy for Gilbert Blythe, a classmate who commits the ultimate sin of mocking her hair color. Later, she accidentally dyes that same cursed hair green. Another time, in her haste to impress a new neighbor, she bakes a cake with liniment instead of vanilla. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s series of books about Anne have remained classics since the early 20th century. Her portrayal of this feminine yet independent spirit has given generations of girls a strong female role model, while offering a taste of another, milder time in history.

The King’s Daughter/Other Stories
This has over 40 character building stories and 100 illustrations. It is recommended reading with the program “Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home.” One home school mother of four years says,”I have literally spent thousands of dollars on educational and character building materials…. and none have been as encouraging, nor as influential as your “old time-stories.”

Helen’s Temper – Mrs. George Gladstone
Helen and Betty could not be more different in their perspectives of the destitute people that live around them. When Helen, the old sister, hears the story of the Good Samaritan she is rewarded for her classroom achievements, while the other sister chooses to live the example of the Good Samaritan. As Helen lives for herself and is constantly worried about the opinions of others.

George-isms: The 110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour – George Washington
This is a text that George Washington wrote down when he was fourteen years old and used as a touchstone all his life. Now, George Washington’s one-hundred-ten rules are reprinted and handily “translated” into modern language that any young reader can understand. As a moral compass; as a glimpse of history; or as a peek into the mind of our Founding Father, George-isms is a book that no young American should be without.

Life of Faith Collection
Elsie Dinsmore, Millie Keith, Violet Travilla, and Laylie Colbert are ordinary girls who live different lifestyles, in different places, at different times. Yet each of them discovers the same thing–that the challenges of everyday life require extraordinary faith in God. Now you can experience their captivating stories in this wonderful literary collection of four complete novels–book one of each girl’s life story, available together for the first time.

The Black Stallion – Walter Farley
He was a giant of a horse, glistening black – too big to be pure Arabian. The head was that of the wildest of all wild creatures – a stallion born wild – and it was beautiful, majestic, splendid. A stallion with a wonderful physical perfection and speed that matched his savage, ruthless spirit. When the steameer Drake is shipwrecked off the coast of Spain, there are only two suvivors. One is young Alec Ramsay. The other is the Black Stallion who saves Alec’s life. Stranded on a desert island, boy and stallion develop a deep and special bond.

Old Yeller – Fred Gipson
The big, ugly, yellow dog showed up out of nowhere one night and stole a whole side of hanging pork, and when Travis went for him the next morning that dog started yelling like a baby before he was touched. Then he got into the spring water with five-year-old Arliss, Travis took an easy hate to Old Yeller, as they started to call him; in fact, he would have driven him off or killed him if it hadn’t been for brother Arliss’ loud and violent protests, So Yeller stayed, and Travis soon found he couldn’t have got along without him.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Series – Kate Douglas Wiggin
Life on Sunnybrook Farm with her mother and six brothers and sisters may be chaotic, but Rebecca loves every minute of it. Leaving them all behind and moving in with her two spinster aunts is almost more than Rebecca can bear. She’s just not prepared for her rambunctious spirit to be tamed so that she can become the perfect little lady her dignified aunts want her to be. Even though Rebecca remains true to herself, she does eventually become a proper young lady &– but not before having an extraordinary effect on her two aunts and the quiet town of Riverboro.

Swiss Family Robinson – John Wyss
After days of being tossed and battered by a raging storm, the ship on which the narrator, his wife, and their four sons are passengers smashes against a reef – and the last lifeboat pulls away without them. Next morning, the intrepid, loving little family finds itself cast away on an uninhabited island. Never losing hope, they retrieve what they can from the ship and construct a life for themselves through their own resourcefulness – building a treehouse, finding such food as coconuts, sugarcane, honey and potatos, and securing themselves against danger. Adventure follows adventure as they explore the island, encounter wild birds and terrifying animals, plant crops, build sturdier shelters, and settle in for a long stay. Although there are many hardships, the family lives in peace and harmony, and even rescues a girl who herself is a castaway on a nearby island.

Heidi – Johanna Spyri
When Heidi, a cheerful, five-year-old-orphan, comes to live with her grandfather high in the Swiss Alps, the charming Swiss miss brings a bright ray of sunshine into the lives of the people around her. Young Peter, a goatherd, shares her love of nature, while his blind grandmother delights in the little girl’s bubbling personality. Even Heidi’s surly and hermit-like grandfather, the old Alm-Uncle, finds his long-lost grandchild a source of immense pleasure. But a few years later Heidi is forced to leave to serve as a companion for a sickly girl and she is traumatized. But her return home and a visit from Klara result in magical moments that will leave young readers thoroughly captivated by this heartwarming tale of an unforgettable little girl and her effect on the people around her.

Pollyanna – Eleanor H. Porter, Neil Reed
The popular story of orphaned Pollyanna and the ‘glad game’. As soon as Pollyanna arrived in Beldingsville to live with her strick and dutiful maiden aunt, she begins to brighten up everybody’s life. The ‘glad game’ she plays, of finding a silver lining in every cloud, transforms the sick, the lonely and the plain miserable – until one day something so terrible happens that even Pollyanna doesn’t know how to feel glad about it.

The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett
In this beloved story, travel with Mary Lennox, a spoiled and sullen orphan, from colonial India to Misselthwaite Manor, a forbidding estate on the Yorkshire moors. There, in the unlikeliest of places, Mary discovers and helps restore an abandoned garden and, in the process, blossoms herself into a creature of loving kindness. Mary’s transformation begins when she meets a no-nonsense housekeeper, a brusque gardener, and a sprightly robin that leads her to the hidden garden. With the help of Dickon, a boy with an almost supernatural affinity for animals and plants, and Colin, her frail cousin, Mary works in secret to bring new life to the old garden. The three friends find their efforts rewarded not only with all the pleasure that blooming blossoms bring, but also the blessings of good health and high spirits.

A Child’s Garden of Verses – Robert Louis Stevenson
Sailing boats down the river, climbing majestic cherry trees, building cities out of blocks, reading picture books on snowy days. . . . Ready to charm a new generation of readers, this perennial classic celebrates all the timeless joys of childhood!

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Miss Jocelyn is our 18 year-old second daughter who delights in God and her family. She is a great help to her Father Sir and Mother Dear as she helps keep the home and teach and train her siblings. She has a passion for writing truth, is a great friend, and gifted at web designing. She blogs from her heart at A Pondering Heart, designs blogs at A Pondering Heart Boutique, and owns and operates Feelin’ Feminine. She also writes on and helps to manage our other family websites.

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