Your Parameters of Purity

Daughters, do not give in to temptation. Do not be ruled by your flesh or the world’s ideas of romance and relationship. There is romance around every corner, in secular and spiritual circles. These romantic ideals are waiting for you to reach out and seek to awaken that part of your life that is reserved for your one true beloved. Many things will be set before you to test your purity. Follow purity and love Yah. If you don’t, it will lead to heartache in your home and your life. Miss Jocelyn has posted Parameters of Purity on her blog, A Pondering Heart:

A friend emailed the other day asking what she should do about letting a guy-friend know she no longer wished to email privately with him. She said “I want to reply, but I also need to stop compromising on my purity standards.” It’s important to have standards for yourself, based on the Scriptures…  Read More…

Having standards for purity is your responsibility. While it is Yah’s plan for families to have standards that set them apart from the world and the ungodly to live by in all things, if your family does not have standards for this area, it is likely just an overlooked area. You must seek Scriptures about this and get them set in your heart to live by what they tell you. If your parents are willing, it would be a very good thing to discuss this with them. It will be good for you when times get tough, and it will also let them know you are ready and called to stay pure and live by the Scriptures Yah has set out for you to live by in this area of your life. Perhaps your parents have rules for your purity that you just plain don’t like. I repeat: You must seek Scriptures about this. Not only are standards your parents have set for purity not optional, but they are for your good. There may be many times when you don’t like the standards they have set. This dislike does not negate your responsibility to be their daughter and love them and honour and obey their words.

Ephesians 6 1 Children, what you should do in union with the Master is obey your parents, for this is right. 2 “Respect your father and mother” – this is the first commandment that embodies a promise – 3 “so that it may go well with you, and you may live long in the Land.”

This Scripture refers to the Torah commandment for children to show respect to and to honour their parents. The fifth commandment that we all know is not the end of the Torah commands for children in respecting their parents. The Scriptures of the Old Testament give many ways children can honour their parents so that children understand just what Yah meant when he gave the commandment.

Colossians 3: 20 Children, obey your parents in all; for this pleases the Master.

The road to purity as a young lady is a long one. It starts from the time a girl is little and never ends. The challenges are never-ending, but Yah’s standards are timeless. If you truly want to please the Messiah, obey your parents in all things.

But,” you may say, “I am no longer a child, and those scriptures address “children”.”

You are no longer their child? The implication here is not to one who is a child, because, as time passes and as cultures set their own standards, that measure of a child can change. The implication here is that the children obey their parents. In many cultures, and in Scriptures, the children stay with the parents until they are married. Is this a popular stance? No. So what? Is it something that has to make you feel like a little child? No. This will be the measure of your maturity as well as your contentment with both your life and your God. So, the bottom line is that your God has told you to remain pure for him. Likely, your parents have also set some standards for your purity also. Follow them, without a fight. Are you content? Are you willing to wait and keep yourself pure as Yah would have you in spite of the young ladies your age who are allowing themselves to become polluted or are getting married before you? Are you content with where he has you in your family? It is up to you to be obedient and up to you to be content. What will you do with that responsibility?


Mrs. Dixon

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3 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Amen! I wish my parents had verbalized standards for my purity when I was younger. God was gracious and protected me from tainting my physical purity, but emotionally I was spent by age 12. When I began to study God’s vision for purity for myself last year, I cautiously shared just a little bit of what I learned with my mom, wondering how she would react since she had never set any standards for me (except the very basic, don’t lose your virginity before marriage), and was surprised to learn that she agreed with my standards! I was shocked because she had never told me her standards before. Anyways, I am grateful that God has shown me the truth about purity… before it was too late!


  2. tricia says:

    I’m wondering if you have a button that you share so someone can link to your site. This is a wonderful place to visit and I would love to share on my blog.


    Jacque Dixon Reply:

    Sure, Tricia. My daughter and site designer, Jocelyn, just made some beautiful graphics for the site:


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