Making The Home: Soggy Lettuce

Soggy lettuce is just icky. I can’t stand it and usually can’t eat it. However, even if your lettuce is a bit soggy or wilted there is a way to save it and crisp it up. We buy heads of lettuce and tear them up ourselves but this method should work for bagged lettuce too. You’ll want to put the lettuce into a big bowl with plenty of room, and then fill it up with cold water until the lettuce is submersed. When you add in the water make sure you do it down the side and not directly on top of the lettuce. Then let it set for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. The lettuce will soak up the water and crispen. Putting it into the refrigerator while it’s soaking will also help and keep the lettuce cold (I like my lettuce cold).

Since we buy whole heads they aren’t prewashed so to wash it I fill up a big bowl of cold water and dip the leaves into it. This will prevented it from getting wilted. When you store your lettuce it’s good to keep it in the drawer for vegetables and not leave it exposed to the air, though you don’t want to seal it off completely. If you buy whole heads I’ve found it best to clean and tear them up, and then store them in a plastic-baggy. This is also convenient if you just wanna have a snack you can grab the bag out and everything is ready to be used.

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2 Responses

  1. Great tips Miss Jocelyn :) Another tip my mother taught me….wrap a head of lettuce in 2 layers of paper towel, and place in a ziplock bag. I have had heads of lettuce last several weeks this way, without losing any of it to browning.
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  2. Efi says:

    When submerging the lettuce in water (in order to wash it) add a little vinegar. This will drive little creatures on the water’s surface and thus, will make cleaning easier (especially if lettuce is not store bought, but comes from the garden – as the lettuce I use does)….


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